Could “Pokémon Go” Help You Catch Your Next Lead?

Pokémon Go is the latest app that is taking the mobile gaming scene by storm. You’ve probably already heard about it and maybe you’re even playing it yourself. But have you put any thought into how Pokémon Go can increase your real estate business?

If you’re not that familiar with Pokémon Go, let’s start by going over the basics. The easiest way to explain this game is to describe it as a digital scavenger hunt. Every day the Pokémon Go servers populate communities all over the globe with digital “monsters” from the Pokémon franchise. Then the game encourages players to go out and find these monsters at real-world locations. While players are hunting, they must also collect supplies that will help them catch more Pokémon and take care of the Pokémon they already have. Players can do this by stopping at locations on their map marked as “Pokéstops” or by purchasing them through micro-transactions. Pokéstops will be located all over your city and are usually a public landmark such as a statue, fountain, historical site, or a public building such as a library or post office.

Once players have collected enough Pokémon, they may join one of three teams: Team Valor or Red Team, Team Mystic or Blue Team, and Team Instinct or Yellow Team. They then compete against the other two teams at “gyms” for prestige and gym ownership. The goal of the game is to help your team own more gyms in your city than the other two. Like a Pokéstop, a gym will usually be a public landmark or building. Currently private property can’t be registered as a Pokéstop or a gym.

Now that you’re up-to-speed on what Pokémon Go is, who is playing it? According to your average Pokémon Go player meets the following criteria.

  • Average age is 29.
  • Has an average annual income of $52,430.
  • 84% of Pokémon Go players say they have visited a business while playing.
  • 51% of Pokémon Go players have visited a business for the first time while playing.
  • 71% of Pokémon Go players have visited a business because there was a Pokéstop or gym nearby.

As a real estate professional, how can you use this information to help you grow your business?

The first thing you should do is to download the app. Pokémon Go is free on iPhones and Android devices. Spend an hour or so familiarizing yourself with the application. If you’re going to use it in your marketing, you need to be able to speak the lingo. Then check to see if there are any Pokéstops or gyms close to your office.

If there are, then things are going to be really easy. Simply purchase a “lure” and drop it on your office. Lures are in-game items that increase the number of Pokémon that show up in a physical location for 30 minutes. This will encourage players to come by and visit your office or current location. However, if there are no Pokéstops or gyms convenient to your office (or maybe walk-up business isn’t that important to your networking), then there are still creative things you can do with Pokémon Go to boost your own marketing.

As a REALTOR®, you spend a lot of time on-the-go. When you’re in a new part of town, look at your Pokémon Go app and then report on your social media what Pokémon you are seeing and where you are. This is a great way to break into this community and provides fun content for your social media profiles. Likewise, if you’re trying to reach the millennial demographic, a lot of towns have started Facebook groups for Pokémon Go players in their community. Engaging them could be a great way to find new leads.

If you want to be really ambitious, try hosting a Pokémon Go event. In the game, more Pokémon will show up to areas that have a higher concentration of players. Find a local park and host a Pokémon picnic. Maybe your office can provide water or simple snacks. Recently in Kansas City, a Pokémon Potluck Picnic attracted over a 1,000 people to the event on a Wednesday afternoon — a great and affordable marketing opportunity for REALTORs.

Now get out there,your prospects are waiting and you gotta catch ’em all!