Turn, turn, turn seasonal content into leads

The quantity and quality of the mailed, emailed, and socially shared content you provide to your clients and prospects matters. But, have you considered how the seasonality of that content can help you build relationships and establish a trustworthy reputation? Sharing season-appropriate content shows that you are paying attention to shifts and changes in the market. It also gives you the opportunity to create a conversation with your audience about things such as the weather, holidays and timely to-do lists. Providing seasonal content can help you stand out from the crowd as an engaging source and friend to potential prospects.

Here are three tips for curating your content on a seasonal basis.

Turn holidays into touchpoints.
It's easy to overlook the holidays when they seem unrelated to closing a sale and generating new leads. However, this personal touch helps your potential clients see that you are friendly and approachable. Send greeting cards for the holidays, mail handwritten birthday cards, or share unofficial holidays on social media such as Take Your Dog to Work Day. These are golden opportunities to relate to your clients as a caring individual, rather than a high-pressured sales person.

Turn seasonal to-do lists into friendly reminders.
Every homeowner should have a to-do list for around-the-house upkeep, but not every homeowner necessarily knows what he or she needs to make a priority each season. This is a great opportunity to share knowledge and establish yourself as an all-around home expert. Send reminders in the spring and fall for homeowners to clean out their gutters, share landscaping tips on social media, or offer recommendations for local businesses and service providers with whom you have a working relationship.

Turn real estate wisdom into seasonal reading.
The real estate market can undergo significant changes each season. As an agent, this is your chance to share your valuable knowledge with your client base and potential leads. Translate market research and trends into bite-sized advice for prospective clients via newsletters, social media, postcards, or other mailings. This will initiate a dialog between you and your prospects, helping turn cold and warm leads into hot ones.

Do you need help providing seasonal content to your clients and prospects? Check out our Spotlight Newsletter or browse through our seasonal postcards

5 Easy ways to use LinkedIn for real estate

In today's consumer experience on social media, visibility is vital to a real estate agent. LinkedIn is one platform that's ideal for networking and building your brand, followed up with your print marketing. So, how can you get the most out of LinkedIn without spending too much valuable time on it? Here are five easy ways to connect via LinkedIn.

1. Be thorough.
After signing up for LinkedIn, it will prompt you to fill out key information about yourself, your career, your company, and more. Don't procrastinate on this step! These are the details that your contacts will use to vet you.

2. Show off your work.
Once you've added your details, it's time to shine it up a bit. Add a recent professional head shot for your profile picture, share and upload pertinent videos and media, and link up your other social media accounts.

3. Connect with local groups.
LinkedIn offers many groups for all kinds of industries. Connect with local, regional and national groups to show those who view your profile that you're well-connected and established among your peers.

4. Stay active.
Whether you're posting original content or sharing trending articles, you can't go wrong by staying active online. This also shows those who view your profile, especially potential clients, that you have the experience to compete in an ever-evolving marketplace.

5. Share content across platforms.
When you share content from LinkedIn on your other social media and networking platforms, you communicate to a larger audience than just your LinkedIn connections. This keeps your appearance and your content fresh across multiple platforms.

These easy ways to excel at LinkedIn will help you stand out on the platform, make professional connections and generate new leads. A well-rounded digital and print marketing strategy helps you reach your clients and prospective leads better than just one or the other. Want more information on how to improve your print marketing strategy? Contact us today!

Print marketing gets through where digital does not

In an increasingly crowded online space, marketing can get complicated, not to mention expensive. There are all kinds of pitfalls you have to avoid, and if you don't already know the platforms like the back of your hand, you're in for a steep learning curve.

It's time to get back to what works.

Simply put, print marketing gets through to your prospects and clients in a uniquely personal way that digital marketing just can't. Here's proof:

Recent studies have found that printed marketing materials activate the part of the brain associated with desire and valuation. This results in an emotional response that digital marketing does not trigger. In fact, the studies found that print marketing holds advantages over digital in many areas.

Print marketing advantages:

  • Allows more time for reviewing
  • Stimulates the brain
  • Quicker recollection
  • Encourages desirability
  • Demonstrates value

Digital marketing advantages:

  • Appeals to short attention span

Occurring in both:

  • Name or brand recognition
  • Willingness to pay for products or services

What exactly does this mean for you, the real estate professional?

Your prospects and clients will benefit from receiving print materials and are more likely to feel a personal connection with you when they open their mailbox. In the real estate world, that personal connection is foundational to your success as an agent. So, why wait? Everybody likes getting mail, you know!

The Personal Marketing Company provides high-quality print mailings that impact prospects and clients both consistently and effectively. Do you still have questions about marketing materials? Read our blog, “Is print marketing dead?” for more answers.

Target your audience for hotter real estate leads

You can shout anything from the rooftops, but if the right people still can't hear you, shouting is pretty pointless.

It won't matter if you have the best marketing materials in the world, if those mailings are not showing up in front of the right people, you're invisible. That's why targeting your audience isn't just recommended, it's necessary.

Start with farming.
Defining a farming area is the first step to targeting your audience. These are the neighborhoods where you will consistently send print materials branded with your name and smiling face. If you target the right areas and keep the mailings coming on a regular basis, you will begin to turn cold leads into warm prospects, and then red-hot clients.

Harness the power of your list.
If you don't have a list of contact information for past clients and current leads, then you're behind. Compile this list and then use Client Follow-Up to continue sending targeted marketing materials. This is about re-contacting a client base who already knows you, trusts you, and would likely recommend you. Targeting their mailboxes with valuable and memorable print content will increase your chances of landing repeat and referral business.

Target your digital media.
Email and social media marketing can be powerful tools if you use them correctly. First, create professional profiles that are separate from your personal profiles on each social media platform you intend to use for business purposes. Then, send invitations to family, friends and clients to “like” or “follow” your page. If you use paid ads, make sure you focus on a very narrow audience. Target ads to people of typical home-buying age and within your small geographic region. Even better, use tools like Google AdWords to pinpoint people who search specific terms like “real estate in X city.” Only send emails to people who have “opted in” to receiving information. Try to avoid adding someone's contact information to an email list without permission. It's illegal, as well as a bad marketing practice.

Targeted marketing is a must. Don't let your efforts fall on deaf ears. Target your audience to increase your chances of turning prospects into repeat clients. 

The power of a phone call

In today’s digital age, you can connect with your clients in many ways to ensure you always stay top-of-mind. Sharing information on social media, sending quick emails, and enrolling your clients in an after-sale follow-up program are all easy ways to ensure your clients don’t forget about you.

Following up your online or mailed contacts with a phone call demonstrates to clients that you're putting even more effort into maintaining this relationship. It also shows how much you care.

Calling a client doesn’t have to take up a lot of time in order to make an impact. Be strategic with your phone call and keep it short. Have a genuine reason for contacting your clients, such as sharing some new information about a subject that's of interest to them. Always be cognizant of your clients' time. If you leave a message, offer to call them back. For example: “I'll call you back tomorrow evening unless that's not a convenient time for you.”

Consider phone calls to clients as a way to build genuine relationships, not just an item to cross off your to-do list. Having an actual conversation and hearing a person’s voice is powerful in a time when instant messaging and technology reign supreme. By including phone calls in your daily routine, you'll begin making real connections that build trust. And, you'll have made a friend for life!