Are You Fishing with Barbless Hooks?

I’m not a fisherman, but my brother is a very proud fly fisherman. When he first explained barbless hooks to me, I was stunned.  Without a barb, the hook can slide back out of the fish’s mouth if the line goes slack. Once you get a hook in the mouth of a prize catch, why wouldn’t you use every advantage to bring him to shore? My brother believes that adding a barb to the end of the hook lessens the challenge and doesn’t give the fish a fighting chance. I can see his point, but I don’t have to agree. Like I said, I’m not a fisherman.

I think people sending ineffective direct mail are fishing with barbless hooks. I recently received an invitation to attend an event as an exhibitor that did not include the date of the event. Several times a week I get mailings that don’t include a web address to access for more information. What a waste of time and money. It’s easy to make these mistakes if you are inexperienced and don’t stop to consult direct mail marketing professionals.

Especially when that help is FREE.

The Personal Marketing Company offers every real estate agent the opportunity to work one-on-one with experienced direct mail marketing experts for many types of mailings. In fact, our Client Service professionals average at least a decade of experience. They are available to help at 800.458.8245 from 8 am to 5 pm central time Monday through Friday. 

Would a postcard or newsletter be best for your project? Who should be included or removed from your sphere-of-influence list? Can you really get a prospecting list for free? How often should you be mailing your past clients? All these questions and many more are answered every day for agents who take advantage of our FREE expert consultations. 

I guess you could say The Personal Marketing Company puts the barb on the end of the hook for your direct mail efforts. Fishing with barbless hooks might make sense if it’s just for sport and you want to make it as challenging as possible. But when it comes to building a successful real estate career, I think every hook should have a barb.

Drive Website Traffic with Smart Direct Mail


Over the last decade Real Estate marketing has seen a boom in everything digital. It’s hard to imagine a successful agent without a presence on the Web. At the same time, it’s almost impossible for an agent to stand out with only digital marketing. So, successful agents coordinate their efforts across multiple media techniques, using one channel to support another.

Direct mail can be one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to build website traffic. A website can provide detailed information like nothing else, but it is of little value without traffic. A well-designed direct mail piece promoting a website can be like shooting a flare into a dark sky. Quickly drawing attention to a special offer or service, direct mail highlights your website address as the easy way to participate.

Using direct mail not only drives visitors to your website, but also drives the right people there. Targeting a specific geographic and/or demographic audience with custom mailings bypasses those who are not potential clients, reaching those who are. For example agents promoting downsizing for seniors can easily draw those over 60 to their website without wasting time and money mailing to Millennials.

Coordinating special offers or promoting services with consistent branding on mailings and the Web also demonstrates professionalism. Announce a special event with a postcard featuring an eye-catching graphic, and then use the same graphic on the website RSVP form for that event. Consistency like this demonstrates to clients the attention-to-detail they want when an agent markets their home.

Finally, make sure all mailings offer multiple methods of contact. A direct phone number, email address and website should be prominent on every mailing, but icons for Twitter, Facebook and other social media should be included (if you are active on those media).

Favoring one type of marketing or another can be shortsighted. Time and again, successful agents grow by embracing multiple methods of marketing to achieve their goals.

Hit a Bullseye with Your Marketing

Years ago direct mail was all about flooding a neighborhood and hoping someone living there was a potential client.

Today, with a little planning and expert help you can target potential clients by geographic and demographic parameters.

Of course, the first group you should target is your sphere of influence, friends and family.  But you can also reach out to others who don’t know you with targeted, consistent direct mail. An informative newsletter that demonstrates your expertise in real estate matters is a great introduction to someone you have never met.

Creating the newsletter content is something you might be comfortable doing, but is it the best use of your time? The Personal Marketing Company provides engaging monthly newsletter content presenting a professional image. You become the expert whom potential clients want to call when it’s time to buy or sell. With content ready to go half the battle is won, and you don’t have to fret over writing something new every month.

Now, how do you decide who will receive your newsletter?

Using the online tool at you can build a targeted mailing list based on zip code or street addresses, homeowner vs. renter, household income, home value, resident age, dwelling age, or single vs. multifamily home. All these options allow you to create the perfect list for your needs and budget. Do it yourself, or engage the client services experts via a toll-free phone call to build the list for you. Either way you get a targeted address list that greatly reduces costs for each mailing made. In fact, if you place an order for postcards or newsletters, the address list is free.

Building a strong and effective referral network has helped thousands of real estate agents have long successful careers.

Using an experienced, professional and proven company to make sure your mailings are targeted, consistent and automatic is one way to delegate important tasks and save both time and money.