9 Reasons Print Newsletters Work

Print media is not dead! Especially print that is personal, colorful and delivered right to a mailbox. In fact, 67 percent of people report that physical mail is more personal than electronic, and 55 percent say they look forward to getting their mail every day, according to a 2015 Compu-Mail report.

So why choose print newsletters as a form of marketing? It's easy:

  • Print materials are saved much longer than emails. They have better retention rates in households and increased chances of being read by others in the home.
  • Print newsletters are not restricted to electronic file size like enewsletters. More images can be added allowing more freedom and creativity to be shown.
  • Print materials can be more appealing to the eye immediately. When a well-designed, colorful piece of mail shows up in a mailbox, it’s hard not to look. When it shows up as a black-and-white subject line in an email inbox, it’s easy to ignore.
  • Physical mail gets delivered whereas enewsletters might be deleted instantly, put in spam folders or get blocked by the email provider.
  • Print newsletters are more personal. People like seeing their name on a piece of mail. Note: Be careful to double-check the spelling of your clients’ names. Nothing will turn them off faster than getting their name wrong.
  • Print materials are generally considered to be more legitimate or trustworthy. This is found to be true for all age groups.
  • Think people over 65 are the only ones reading physical mail? Not true! In 2016, a study from InfoTrends reported that millennials are the most likely to read physical mail. Further, 92 percent of millennials indicated that they are influenced in purchasing decisions based on direct marketing rather than email.
  • Print materials send a message that companies care about their clients. When surveyed, people responded saying that personalized print materials are more strongly received than email because they acknowledge that companies spend their own time and money to design and send out physical mailings.
  • Print media does not mean electronic media is out. Add URLs or social media logos to advertise an online presence. QR codes are also an option and can be used to link to websites, social media sites, or other online information.

Personal marketing through print media is anything but dead! It’s thriving and well-established. When considering how to best market to prospects and clients, print newsletters truly are a proven success.

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