Building Trust with your Clients

With trust, Realtors® become confidants, motivators, helpers, and friends. Implementing effective trust techniques takes practice. Try some of the following trust-building tips to strengthen your relationship with your prospects and clients:

Look for barriers. Things like stress, body language, and focus can all be hindrances with trust building.

  • Never multitask during a conversation. Focus on and directly engage with clients to show your undivided attention.
  • Body language shouldn’t be closed off or contradict what you’re saying. This confuses, rather than confirms trust. Keep arms and legs uncrossed, maintain eye contact, and don’t clench your fists.

Engage. An engaged listener is an engaged Realtor®. Being fully in tune with clients reinforces a personal connection.

  • Focus on what clients are saying and how they’re saying it. Also pay attention to cues in their body language.
  • Never interrupt or redirect a conversation. Let the speaker continue until finished and then pose questions or offer suggestions.

Avoid conflict. Don’t make clients feel threatened or stressed.

  • Compromising is fundamental to building trust. Have backup plans ready for clients.
  • Use humor to defuse tense situations.

Think Positive. Positive affirmation can help the client work through insecurities, uncertainties and frustrations.

  • Show positive feedback to encourage clients to be more engaged with you. Smile, nod your head in agreement and watch your tone of voice.
  • Focus conversation around things your clients like rather than what they dislike.

Be Assertive. Assertiveness, not combativeness, means knowing yourself and your clients.

  • Explain thoroughly and concisely, and stick to your point while retaining a sense of empathy.
  • According to Harvard Health, showing empathetic assertion demonstrates sensitivity. Recognizing clients’ wants, but still being politely assertive demonstrates an ability to hold the clients’ best interests at heart while showing viable options or alternatives.

Follow these points to leave a lasting, positive impression with your clients that will lead to long-term relationships.

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