Direct Marketing: Staying Consistent and Persistent Is Key

People like to feel wanted. That goes the same for your prospects. Pursuing them and showing that you genuinely care about being their Realtor® is key. You can achieve this goal by staying persistent with your direct marketing. This will ensure when the time comes to buy or sell, prospects and past clients will turn to you: a recognized and trusted professional ready to help them with one of the biggest financial moves of their lives.

There is a tried-and-true marketing theory called the “Rule of 7.” It says that potential clients need to see your image or message seven times before they decide to buy from you. Some studies suggest the number is even higher in certain industries.

Throughout the marketing process, your message must be consistent and your delivery persistent.

Newsletters are a great way to get your face out there!

Contacting your prospects time and time again may seem like you’re trying too hard, but there are ways you can achieve a successful direct marketing campaign without being overbearing.

  • Stay relationship-focused, not transaction-focused, with your messaging. Buying and selling a home is very personal. In order to build trust when contacting clients, look for opportunities to connect with them as real people. You want to be the Realtor® they turn to because it's clear you want to help them, not because you're just looking for a commission check.
  • Include helpful tips and inside information about the real estate industry. This helps break up your call-to-action with pieces that will educate your prospects and build relationships. It also has the power to make you the “expert” in the client’s eyes. When they have questions about the real estate industry, they will know who to reach out to for answers.
  • Mix up your mediums. Sending the same emails over and over again is not effective. Remember, the mailbox is quieter than the inbox. Newsletters and postcards are great options that are proven to grab your future client’s attention. When mailers are designed well, they stand out in a stack of mail and grab your client's attention immediately.
  • Stay on brand. Make sure to keep messaging and branding consistent, so customers can start drawing the connection between you and the information you’re sharing.

Consistency and persistence are not words saved for pushy, transaction-based salespeople. They are descriptors of successful professionals, who care about building relationships that could lead to long-term opportunities. Don’t be afraid to get your name out there on a regular basis. If you are not reaching out to potential clients, chances are someone else is.

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