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I’ve been trying to go to the gym regularly – and failing – for about the last five years. After stops and starts … several failed New Year’s resolutions … a bet with a friend … and even a reward that I was offering myself … I started to think about ways to patent a machine to do the work for me while I reaped all the benefits.

But the math is just too hard. I never got good grades in physics (or never took it; high school was a long time ago). And now I’m realizing the laws of gravity don’t just affect planets.

It’s time to try something new. I hired a trainer. You know what? It’s working.

You may think it’s weird – and it probably is – but as I’ve been working out, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some similarities between working with a personal trainer and working with people who really know and understand social media.


When I tried to work out on my own, it never felt like I had the time to devote to doing it properly. It seemed like there was always something else I could be doing and I didn’t make it a priority. Working with someone keeps me focused on the task at hand.


At first, I was reluctant because, on the surface, it looks like we’d be doing the same thing – cardio, weights, stretching, etc. The difference is that now there’s a plan. Doing things with a goal in mind is much more effective than just doing it because everyone else is.

Keeping it fresh

Nothing helps keep the workout fresh like trying something new. But it needs to be the right thing to help get results. For instance, I never thought to add swimming to my workouts until my trainer suggested it. So maybe it’s time to consider adding something to your social media marketing – video, for example.


By being somewhat removed from the process, the trainer looks at what I’m doing with an objective eye, which allows him to see things that need correction or adjustments, and make tweaks that I may not have seen on my own.

They keep count

Knowing how much to do is vital to success. It’s basic analytics!


A good trainer doesn’t allow you to plateau. Success is built upon success and makes you more successful.

So here I am working out, and I’m still thinking about real estate marketing. Just like my personal trainer, I can help your efforts be more successful. If you want to pump up your marketing efforts, give me or any of our Client Servicerepresentatives a call at 800.458.8245.

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