Shock and Awe Your Stubborn Clients

Every REALTOR® has them — the particularly difficult client who seems to fight common sense itself when it comes to selling or buying a home. It seems like they want you to help them through a real estate transaction despite their best attempts to thwart it. In the past we’ve talked about the importance of the “Know You, Like You, Trust You and Remember You” steps to effective real estate marketing. Today we’re going to spend some time on the “Trust You” phase. How can you take those stubborn clients who refuse to listen to expertise and turn them into putty in your hands? The answer is Shock and Awe.

Shock and Awe (technically known as rapid deployment) is a military doctrine coined by the U.S. National Defense University for overwhelming military might, dominant battlefield awareness and maneuvers, and spectacular display of force to paralyze an enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy their will to fight.

The Shock and Awe combat doctrine is broken down into four components:

1)    Near total or absolute knowledge and understanding of self, adversary and environment.

2)    Rapidity and timeless in application.

3)    Operational brilliance in execution.

4)    (Near) total control and signature management of the entire operational environment. 

Now, I’m not suggesting you drop bombs or fire missiles at your clients (though on some days you may very much want to), nor would I think of them as your enemy. But you definitely want them to back down and allow you to leverage your expertise to help them close the deal. You can do that through Shock and Awe:

  1. Near total or absolute knowledge and understanding of self, adversary and environment. First, you want to let your client know that you were the right choice for the job of helping them buy or sell a home. Blow them away with your complete understanding of the real estate industry and the process of selling or buying. Explain to them point by point what is going to happen as you move through each step of the transaction.
  2. Rapidity and timeless in application. Respond to every one of your client’s requests in a timely and effective manner. Never leave them waiting or give them time to wander off on their own. You are always there to help guide them and maintain complete control of your business relationship from meeting to closing.
  3. Operational brilliance in execution. Make sure you are always exceeding expectations for your clients. They send you three homes they want to look at? Try to find at least three more and offer to show them that day. Go above and beyond the call of duty and don’t settle for doing just enough. You will never build trust with your client if they feel like they’re driving the transaction process and simply pulling their REALTOR® behind them to “unlock the door.”
  4. (Near) total control and signature management of the entire operational environment. Your organizational skills should help put your client at ease. There are a lot of moving pieces in a real estate sale, and if you become unorganized, you’re going to lose complete control of the client relationship.

Establishing trust is one of the most important things you can do in any business transaction. Trust is what justifies your existence in the eyes of your client and builds real loyalty. The best advice I can give about trust is this — trust is never given, it’s earned. 

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