Smart Homes: A Rising Opportunity for Real Estate Agents

Smart technology is on the rise, and real estate agents are in a unique position to lead and guide homeowners as they navigate the home tech scene.

A study done by Coldwell Banker Real Estate in 2016 found that “almost half of all Americans either own smart technology or plan to invest in it.”

The question is, does smart technology in a home really pay off?

According to a survey conducted by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, 65 percent of almost 22,000 home buyers said that they would be willing to spend more on a home equipped with smart technology like security cameras, smart HVAC systems, and network-connected appliances.

Smart home technology presents a few opportunities for agents to serve as a guide for their clients.

  • Agents can recommend appropriate technology to increase property value when it’s time to sell. Focus on devices that control utilities for cost savings, or buff up home security.
  • Agents can draw attention to smart features when clients are looking for homes. Help people see past smart products that seem shiny on the surface but don’t add much value, and point out products that result in money saved or peace of mind. Do your research and make sure smart devices are adequately equipped to connect to other devices in case the client wants to add to their smart home later.
  • Become an expert. Smart home technology is constantly evolving. Keep up to date so you can provide your clients with the best recommendations possible. When you find a brand you believe in, consider reaching out to the company to start a partnership, especially if that company is up and coming. In many instances, real estate agents can be the gatekeeper to the smart home device makers’ customer base.

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