Social Media Buzz: Post Better Images

Social media is one way to reach prospects, build relationships and ultimately grow your database. The key to an engaging social media feed is powerful imagery. Whether you are posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, or a combination of platforms, the guidelines for producing and posting images is very similar.

Follow these tips to keep your followers interested and engaged.

Keep work images on work accounts.
Your personal accounts should be kept separate from your professional accounts. This way you can stay “on brand” with your professional images, and clients won't be confused when you post vacation pictures.

Develop a personality and stay on brand.
When new followers scroll through your photos, they should see a similar look that ties each picture together. Keep color, scale and size in mind and try to be consistent. Develop a brand voice and tone and stick with it. Are you more casual and personable? Or more professional and formal? Help your audience get to know you through the images you take and the captions that accompany them.

Use a teaser photo.
If you have a new listing with gorgeous photos on your website, choose a separate picture as a teaser and post it only on social media. Use this teaser photo to direct potential viewers to your website, where they can learn more about the featured home.

Plan out your feed.
Commit to planning your social media posts ahead of time. Brainstorm what shots you want to take, plan when you will shoot and edit them, and then decide in what order they will be posted. Don't let images be an afterthought. Exposure from one good post can lead to referrals, but social media is more effective when playing the long game. Your audience will need to see your posts several times before they recognize you as an expert in real estate. Be consistent, patient and dedicated for the best results.

Create engaging videos.
If you shoot stationary videos, invest in a small tripod to steady the image. Adding a clip-on microphone can do wonders for audio quality. Horizontally oriented videos are best for social media purposes.

Follow like-minded people.
Follow other agents and business professionals to get new ideas about how they utilize their accounts. Engage with other people on social media, and consider collaborating with other professionals in the housing market, such as builders, interior decorators or landscapers, to gain exposure to their followers.

A big social media audience is out there ready to follow your content. So get started ASAP!

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