The Power of Postcards

You need to reach people. People who have a home, people who are looking for a home, people who want to sell a home, and people who know people with a home.

Homes have mailboxes. And one of the easiest ways to reach people in homes is to send them a postcard.

Why a postcard?

A well-designed postcard can grab attention and make an impression. You can put your photo, name and contact information on the postcard, so that people begin recognizing you as the go-to agent in their area. Postcards are also inexpensive to send and a great way to regularly put yourself in front of people — people who will one day need a REALTOR®.

Stay geographically focused

It takes several times for a person to see your face and hear your name before they will pick up the phone to call you. For best results, farm the same neighborhood(s) consistently. Soon, people in those areas will start to associate their neighborhood as your “territory.”

Use Just Sold postcards

Send a “Just Sold” postcard to everyone in the neighborhood after you close a sale on a nearby house. Anyone who may be on the fence about selling will see that someone in a similar market was recently successful with your help.

Announce open houses

To encourage more traffic, announce an Open House in one neighborhood for a home you’re selling in another neighborhood. Don’t underestimate the power of notifying people of an Open House on their own block. It will give potential sellers a chance to come meet you face to face and see you in your element.

Develop long-term relationships.

Selling a house is great. It’s better when the buyers refer you to friends and family. It’s even better when those same buyers come back to you when they’re ready to begin house-hunting again. Use postcards to keep in touch with these clients so they never forget you. Send a recipe postcard or a seasonal postcard several times a year to let your clients know you’re still invested in them.

Postcards are an effective way to stay in front of your target audience without coming across as pushy or overbearing. If you continue to invest in building relationships, the clients and sales will follow. Postcards are one tool that can impact your business on an on-going basis.

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