Tips for Personalizing Your Clients' Experience

There are many ways to go above and beyond to turn a business deal into a relationship-building moment. Each interaction between you and your customers can become a memorable part of their home buying and/or selling process. With a positive attitude and sharp attention to detail, you can ensure all your clients' memories are positive ones. Then, when they're faced with an opportunity to refer you to a friend, or repeat the selling process again, they will be eager to return to you.

Here are a few tips to personalize your clients' experience:

Use their names.
During each walk-through, ask if the home feels like it could be the future “Smith Residence,” using your clients' last name. Instead of referring to a room as the “kid's” bedroom, point out how much their daughter Annie will love the closet space. And don't forget to mention how much Duke and Rex, the family dogs, will enjoy the spacious backyard.

Remember details.
If your clients have to rush off to make their son's baseball game, be sure to ask how it went next time you interact with them. If you hear your clients mention that they like to entertain, show them homes with ample space to accommodate visitors. Maintaining an authentic interest in their lives shows that you aren't just selling a property, you are finding them a home.

Maintain a friendly tone.
It's easy to get lost in business talk when discussing prices and market trends, but don't forget that clients are people too. Buying and selling a home is a financial transaction, but it doesn't have to be so serious and robotic. Every once in a while, have a meeting in a local coffee shop or celebrate a final sale with lunch to show clients that you are more than their agent, you're their friend.

Ask for input.
Ask questions so you can stay aware of your clients' feelings and in tune with their thought processes. People want to feel that they are being heard, so ask for their input and do your best to respond to the information they provide. As a rule of thumb, always listen more than you speak.

Make it fun!
Buying or selling a home can naturally bring about stress and anxiety for your clients. After long days of attending open houses or touring homes, be sure to keep energy up by making things fun. Keep your sense of humor and fill downtime with light conversation. Take notice when your clients seem energized and when they are wearing out, and respond accordingly. A happy client is more likely to refer you to friends and keep in touch next time they need your help.

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