What REALTORS® must consider when selecting photos for real estate marketing

Many years ago, The Personal Marketing Company received an order along with the customer’s high school graduation photo to be featured on his personalized newsletters. That gentleman, in his 50’s at the time, clearly wanted to separate himself from his competition. That’s great, but would anyone recognize him if they ran into him on the street? Hopefully, he wore a nametag when making a listing presentation.

Part of being a REALTOR is marketing your brand. Yet even more important than marketing your brand is marketing yourself. People are more likely to do business with an individual than a brand. This is good news for REALTORS, because many of you already include your photograph in most, if not all, of your marketing materials. This puts you a few steps ahead, and shows that you’re aware of what other industries are just now learning.

Consider these 3 points when you’re trying to decide how to use your photograph in your marketing.

1) The photo will help personalize your marketing. It lets people know who you are and what you look like. While this may seem like a “duh” kind of statement, it’s been proven that people trust individuals over brands. So, by using your face consistently on your marketing materials, you’re letting your clients know that they are dealing with a real person.

2) It will help with clarity. Clients aren’t the only people to whom you give your business cards. Most REALTORS work with an entire group of home professionals. Everyone from plumbers to home inspectors or even selling agents. If you’re handing your business card out to someone who is collecting cards from multiple REALTORS, they may not remember your name and be able to match it to your card. However they will remember your face. The brain simply has more cognitive process reserved for this kind of memory storage. It’s called Fusiform Face Area and it’s located in the temporal lobe behind your ears.

3) It’s important to be consistent. The major reason for using marketing materials is to attract clients. You want to make sure your clients will recognize your marketing materials if you’re communicating with them through different channels. So, make sure you’re using the same photograph for all your marketing pieces. You don’t want to change it every week. That being said, you want to make sure your photo looks like you. So, if you’ve been using the same one for 20 years, I applaud your consistency, but it really is time for a change.

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