Healthy Habits for the Highly Stressed

Realtors wear many hats. They are administrators, socialites, motivators, sellers, guides, and educators to name a few. Finding the time to focus on taking care of yourself is hard to do. Fortunately, treating yourself does not have to be extremely time consuming or expensive.

Start here:

Meditation. According to the American Heart Association, meditation has the power to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease through reducing stress, heart rate and blood pressure. Other studies report that meditation in and out of the work place enhances confidence, immune systems and overall happiness. The best part? Even 5-10 minutes of meditation in your office or over your lunch break can be effective.

Nesting. “Nesting at home is the new going out,” according to Organize and declutter your living space and make it a place you can relax. Set aside time to do things you enjoy within the walls of your own home.

Office gardening. Working in an office or at a cubicle can be strenuous, especially for long hours. Bringing a little nature indoors can help. Terrariums, tiny gardens encased in glass or clear plastic containers, are back in style and easy to maintain. According to researchers at Texas A&M University, “keeping ornamental plants in the home and in the workplace increases memory retention and concentration.”

Minimalism. Cut down on unnecessary “things” crowding your life. Decluttering the corners of your office and recesses of your home can be a big stress relief. If your schedule is out of control, cut back on your social commitments and extra-curricular activities to give yourself time to breathe.

Take some time to improve yourself and your quality of life, and the positive results just might show up in your work.

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