How Do The Most Successful Agents Market Themselves?

Every agent knows they need to use marketing to grow their business. With so many marketing options it’s difficult to know how to build a consistent marketing plan with a high return on investment. What’s the best way to stretch those marketing dollars and build a professional image that keeps generating leads and referrals?

Wouldn’t it be smart to see what successful agents do, and build a plan that fits your goals and budget along their guidelines? Fortunately, you can do just that. REAL Trends recently published a report titled, “Marketing Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents & Brokerages.” 

This report provides statistics based on responses from 435 of the top agents in the country. If you would like a copy of the report via email, send your request to

One of the key conclusions from the report was that a balanced marketing effort is important. The report stated, “Keep in mind that a budget close to a 50/50 split between digital and print marketing was found to be most effective for brokerages and agents.”

The Personal Marketing Company can help you build a balanced marketing plan. Get your free marketing consultation with our experienced experts via telephone, or go online, to build a balanced marketing program so you can become one of the most successful agents in the country.

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