How to use home staging to your seller's advantage

Keeping up appearances is essential to selling a home quickly and for the right price. Most agents agree that home staging is an important piece of the selling puzzle. But, how it's staged can be the difference between making a sale or making a bad impression. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors®, 62 percent of seller's agents agree that tastefully staging a home significantly shortens its time on the market. In addition, 77 percent of buyer's agents say that a home well staged makes it easier for their clients to visualize themselves living there. The numbers don't lie. This can be your secret marketing advantage. But, how can agents stage a home well without interior design experience? Check out these practical tips.

Update the atmosphere.
It's important to talk to your clients about how some simple changes can make their home more attractive to potential buyers. For example, a fresh coat of a neutral-colored interior paint reinforces a positive first impression.

Eliminate dark spaces.
Natural light isn't just on-trend. It's also good for you. Give potential buyers what they want and light up dark spaces when staging a home. You can add mirrors to provide depth, open up curtains and blinds to let in more light, and stick to a neutral color palette for the dĂ©cor to keep things bright and airy. 

Let in the light!

Highlight featured areas.
If a home has a gorgeous fireplace feature, make sure it's clean and free of soot. If the kitchen is a chef's dream, declutter the countertops to make it more open and inviting. To stage a home well, you need to amplify its strengths and mute its weaknesses.

Tidy up the outdoor spaces.
It can be easy to overlook outdoor spaces when staging a home but don't skip it. Remind your clients to weed the lawn, trim bushes and plants, straighten up outdoor furniture, and sweep the deck or patio. This will make a world of difference to potential buyers who value outdoor space.

Make sure the outside looks good too.

Declutter and clean the interior.
It's important for potential buyers to step into a clean and tidy house. Clutter and disorganized furnishings distract from the best features of the home. Tactfully suggest to the sellers that decluttering will make it that much easier to move once they accept the offer that's bound to come as a result of their efforts.

Remove pets from the premises. Ask the homeowners if it's possible to take their pets away from the home during showings. In addition, remove pet beds, toys and food bowls that can be unsightly to non-pet owners.

Home staging is the first step in improving the property's appeal, and it can be to your seller's advantage in attracting the right buyer.

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