Is print marketing dead?

Now is certainly a spotlight moment for social media prowess and buzzy new apps. However, relying too heavily on these newer mediums for connection, and ignoring past mainstays like print and email, can have a massive negative effect on your business.

In fact, companies like Airbnb and mega-influencers like Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV's Fixer Upper have joined the print marketing bandwagon in recent history. Now, they send beautifully designed magazines straight to the mailboxes of their fans. Why? Because they understand the need to connect with their audience on a level that digital platforms like Facebook make too difficult.

For starters, let's talk about the numbers.

Social media platforms combined reached 3 billion active users in 2017. However, those users are fragmented. They're on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, and dozens of other sites.

According to the Radicati Group, the number of active email users topped 3.7 billion in 2017. That's 3.7 billion people regularly checking their personal inbox.

Then, there's the mailbox. One for every residence. In the case of direct mail, marketers are nearly guaranteed that a person from the residence will have to carry mail from the mailbox into the home and will at least skim the marketing materials. 

Now, what about delivery?

Put a stamp on a postcard, drop it in the mail, and it reaches its destination (or intended audience). Similarly, email has a 98 percent deliverability rate. Your only job is ensuring that the postcard, newsletter or email is important and urgent enough for a person to read.

Freeport Press reports that 74 percent of their audience read up to three print magazines in the last month, and only 41 percent read up to three digital magazines. People are still interested in holding a print magazine in their hands.

With ever-changing social media algorithms and even with a perfectly timed social media post, it's nearly impossible to meet your followers with the kind of consistency email and print offer. There are measures you can take to increase your visibility, but without dropping serious cash, there will be no way of ensuring the right people see your post at the right time.

You have to decide if you want to compete on social media where everyone is vying for attention or if you would rather cut through the noise and contact your audience through their mailbox, where there are fewer distractions and less competition.

How can real estate agents capitalize on print and email?

Lead with print and follow up with email. It's a one-two punch that we've seen work well time and time again.

Like Chip and Joanna or Airbnb, it's time to connect with your audience through high-value print mailings. Personalize it, and make sure it's interesting, beautiful and something your audience can look forward to receiving.

Then, don't let the conversation fizzle out. Follow up with an email. Your email list can become a robust network to boost customer satisfaction and business growth.

The Personal Marketing Company has a variety of print marketing options

Do we have your attention?

As a real estate professional, spending the amount of time necessary to create your own email and print marketing can be daunting.

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