Let’s Get Organized

It takes a certain combination of grit, perseverance and charisma to be a client-facing professional like a real estate agent. Agents often have to embrace sales, marketing and customer service personas and perform all those roles with flying colors to close even one deal.

With all of those responsibilities, it can be tough to stay organized and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Follow these helpful habits to stay ahead of the game in your professional life.

  1. Schedule your free time. If you notice that you get distracted on social media, or you need your daily coffee breaks, schedule them on your calendar. Planning your interruptions puts you in control over how long you spend on them and will help you get back to work faster.
  2. Pick a calendar and stick to it. Whether you use a Google Calendar, a dedicated calendar app on your phone, or a paper pocket calendar, get in the habit of entering all of your commitments in one place. Start your day checking your calendar and end it with looking ahead at the next day.
  3. Be strategic about notifications. Carve out chunks of your day to check email, work-related social media feeds, and other apps and tools that may take up your time. Checking notifications each time they pop up is not efficient.
  4. Focus on one task at a time. When you’re running through your to-do list or staring at an overwhelming schedule, prioritize your tasks and then tackle them one at a time. Cutting big projects into bite-sized pieces will help you keep track of your progress – and will allow you to keep moving forward rather than buckling under pressure.
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