Print media: Why design matters

Print media is a powerful marketing tool, and we have 40 years of success with real estate agents relying on our marketing materials to prove it.

However, a gaping hole exists between well-designed print materials and a flier thrown together on Microsoft Word. In fact, it is the difference between attracting new clients and losing out to your competition.

People expect great design. Successful brands that capture the hearts of consumers have set a very high standard for graphic design. Brands like Apple carry their sleek design theme from their products to their digital marketing, and right to the architectural design of their stores. Consumers identify with the positive experience they have with Apple products because the whole brand appears clean, polished and high-tech.

Great design is often invisible, terrible design is not.
In order to have that staying power, mailings must catch and hold attention. Terrible design will definitely catch attention, but for the wrong reasons. The reality is, great design means it's invisible, making it easier for the recipient to read and interact with your piece. Professional graphic designers use their knowledge of contrast, space, size, and other organizational skills to visually communicate your message in the most effective way. Bad design means your message is muddled, hard-to-read and will do nothing but annoy the recipient.

Prioritizing design is a sign of professionalism. In a world where corporations set such a high bar for design, entrepreneurs and independent contractors have had to learn how to prioritize aesthetics. Great design is a sign that the business cares about how it appears to its customers. It’s also a sign that the company is up-to-date and operating at a level of professionalism that affirms their customers' loyalty.

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