Social Media Buzz: Pinterest for Realtors

Pinterest is not just a digital catalog for the super crafty, or for the aspiring cooks among us. With more than 100 million active users, Pinterest has risen as an optimal marketing platform for people and brands to reach and grow their audience. Real estate is no exception.

Buyers look to Pinterest for home styles, trends and décor. Keeping an active Pinterest account will keep your customers and prospects dreaming bigger, and staying connected to you as they start to think about what their future home could look like.

There are several ways to use Pinterest to reach the real estate market:

  • Create a personal account and start organizing information through specialized boards.
  • Build out your boards using very high quality visuals. Add your own original images, and download the Pinterest browser button so you can quickly pin items you come across on the web. Continually add and update so that your content stays fresh.
  • When you pin, always change the description so that you’re writing to your audience in your own voice. Use broad hashtags to make sure your pins are showing up in searches, but add your own unique hashtags that your audience will learn to associate with you.
  • Add buyers as followers so they can chat with you. This way your clients can send pins directly to you, simultaneously building a visual archive of their personal tastes and a healthy client/Realtor relationship.
  • Embed links into your pins that direct followers back to your personal website or to an actual house listing.
  • Build a portfolio of property listings by creating boards for specific locations or subdivisions, types of houses, etc.
  • Remember: Pinterest users look for stylish, manicured and trendy ideas. Marketing directly to them is essential in presenting real estate.

Pinterest is great to have because it keeps a Realtor’s portfolio organized in an interactive way. Linking Pinterest on personal websites or having a Pinterest URL on a business card can allow buyers to instantly see what you bring to the table.

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