Successfully reach out to FSBOs

Every successful real estate professional knows that some prospects require a unique marketing strategy. These audiences are unlike your typical prospects and call for creative print marketing and a little extra attention. A great example of a niche audience is the “For Sale By Owner” market.

Using a tailored approach to land these listings can be valuable in building relationships and growing your brand. These homeowners may be hesitant to use an agent, but with the right tactics and a targeted marketing campaign, the FSBO market is yours for the mailing.

Start with a postcard.

Our Targeted Marketing Campaign focused on FSBO clients is the perfect way to get your foot in the door. Each postcard offers helpful tips, along with your photo and contact information. Sharing your real estate knowledge will prove your ability to sell homes and build trust.

Prospects will receive a series of eight postcards, one mailed to them every four days. If they are struggling to sell their own home, they will know which expert to reach out to for help: YOU.

Proceed with care.

After launching your targeted marketing campaign, it's time to build relationships. Approach the potential clients by calling and asking how the home selling process is going. Offer to meet and discuss the sale of their home (with no obligation on their part) as a way to connect with them in person. Inviting potential clients to coffee is a stress-free way to get the conversation rolling. Avoid the urge to quickly run through a script. Focus on showing that you care about their priorities: selling their home quickly, and for the right price.

After sharing how you can help them tackle their specific challenges, offer your assistance. If they decline, offer a tip or piece of free advice and wish them luck. Remind them that you are just a phone call away if they change their minds. By planting this seed, you have positioned yourself as a helpful resource, rather than a pushy salesperson.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Most FSBO prospects attempt to sell their own home in order to save money. To convince them that your help is both valuable and necessary, explain how your services will save them money in the long run. Potential clients who try to sell their own home will spend more time and energy than they may have originally estimated. Researching real estate guidelines and contracts, staging and showing the property, and knowing what a home is truly worth can be tricky tasks for a novice.

As an expert, you can explain these factors and provide information about the local real estate market, while keeping the process running smoothly. Illustrating how you can save the potential clients money through your established skills and market knowledge will carry weight as you pursue landing the listing.

Transparency builds trust.

Your FSBO prospects may be nervous about trusting an agent with their property (perhaps after a negative experience in the past). To combat their fears, be as transparent as possible. Explain your plan for selling their home and take time to answer any and all questions the clients may have. Offer to meet with them as often as they would like and remind them that you are just a phone call, text or email away if they have more questions.

While it may require a little extra time on the phone, the care you provide throughout the process will pay off when you show your new clients that you can make the process of selling a home faster and easier.

Enlisting services like The Personal Marketing Company’s Targeted Marketing Campaign places you at the forefront of potential clients' minds, making you their trusted contact when it's time to call an agent. Call 800.458.8245 and talk to our marketing experts about how to get started today!

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