Target your audience for hotter real estate leads

You can shout anything from the rooftops, but if the right people still can't hear you, shouting is pretty pointless.

It won't matter if you have the best marketing materials in the world, if those mailings are not showing up in front of the right people, you're invisible. That's why targeting your audience isn't just recommended, it's necessary.

Start with farming.
Defining a farming area is the first step to targeting your audience. These are the neighborhoods where you will consistently send print materials branded with your name and smiling face. If you target the right areas and keep the mailings coming on a regular basis, you will begin to turn cold leads into warm prospects, and then red-hot clients.

Harness the power of your list.
If you don't have a list of contact information for past clients and current leads, then you're behind. Compile this list and then use Client Follow-Up to continue sending targeted marketing materials. This is about re-contacting a client base who already knows you, trusts you, and would likely recommend you. Targeting their mailboxes with valuable and memorable print content will increase your chances of landing repeat and referral business.

Target your digital media.
Email and social media marketing can be powerful tools if you use them correctly. First, create professional profiles that are separate from your personal profiles on each social media platform you intend to use for business purposes. Then, send invitations to family, friends and clients to “like” or “follow” your page. If you use paid ads, make sure you focus on a very narrow audience. Target ads to people of typical home-buying age and within your small geographic region. Even better, use tools like Google AdWords to pinpoint people who search specific terms like “real estate in X city.” Only send emails to people who have “opted in” to receiving information. Try to avoid adding someone's contact information to an email list without permission. It's illegal, as well as a bad marketing practice.

Targeted marketing is a must. Don't let your efforts fall on deaf ears. Target your audience to increase your chances of turning prospects into repeat clients. 

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