The benefits of a Client Follow-Up Program

A recent study shows that 73 percent of buyers would definitely use the same agent again, but only 25 percent actually do. Yikes.

How are you staying in touch with clients? Are you reaching out, checking in and keeping up? It can be a lot of work to stay connected, but your list of past clients is your future. Keeping in touch shouldn't be a burden, and it won't be with our help!

With the Client Follow-Up Program, we have everything you need to keep in touch with past clients and encourage referrals. You simply send us their contact information, and we'll make sure they hear from you on a regular basis for the next five years. Think of all the referrals you'll get from your satisfied clients.

Once your clients are enrolled in the program, their first mailing will include a colorful thank-you postcard with your name, photo and contact information printed on the front. They will also receive a sheet of peel-and-stick labels printed with their new home address. They will appreciate the convenience you offer them when they send out change-of-address announcements, invitations to a housewarming party, or any other correspondence.

As time passes, we will continue to keep you connected. Clients you enroll in the Client Follow-Up Program will receive 12 unique postcards in their mailbox over the next five years, each with your smiling face and contact information included. These eye-catching postcards will strengthen your brand, your client connection, and your chances of getting a call when past clients are ready to talk real estate again.

In addition, the clients you enroll will also receive our Today's Living magazine every fall and spring for five years. This professionally designed magazine includes home décor tips, recipes, lifestyle trends, travel opportunities, and other topics of interest to homeowners. Each magazine will be enjoyed by your clients, and then set out on a coffee table for others to read throughout the year. Just like our other mailings, Today's Living magazine will display your photo and contact information to remind readers who to call when they're ready to buy or sell a home.

Every time a piece of mail goes out to your clients, we send you an email. This way, you can reach out to follow up with past clients and catch up on their busy lives. We make your job easier, so you can maintain genuine relationships with a greater number of clients. The inquiries and referrals will continue for years as past clients seek to reconnect with their trusted Realtor® and friend: you!

Ready to get started? Visit our website today to enroll your clients!

If you prefer to talk to someone, call us at 800.458. 8245 and a living, breathing person will pick up the phone!

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