The power of a phone call

In today’s digital age, you can connect with your clients in many ways to ensure you always stay top-of-mind. Sharing information on social media, sending quick emails, and enrolling your clients in an after-sale follow-up program are all easy ways to ensure your clients don’t forget about you.

Following up your online or mailed contacts with a phone call demonstrates to clients that you're putting even more effort into maintaining this relationship. It also shows how much you care.

Calling a client doesn’t have to take up a lot of time in order to make an impact. Be strategic with your phone call and keep it short. Have a genuine reason for contacting your clients, such as sharing some new information about a subject that's of interest to them. Always be cognizant of your clients' time. If you leave a message, offer to call them back. For example: “I'll call you back tomorrow evening unless that's not a convenient time for you.”

Consider phone calls to clients as a way to build genuine relationships, not just an item to cross off your to-do list. Having an actual conversation and hearing a person’s voice is powerful in a time when instant messaging and technology reign supreme. By including phone calls in your daily routine, you'll begin making real connections that build trust. And, you'll have made a friend for life!

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