Time to ditch expensive real estate websites

Have you signed up for real estate marketing websites to gain more listings, but feel like you're just paying the fees and never seeing results? You're not alone.

There are many problems with the various real estate websites out there that claim they can ramp up your sales if only you'll buy in. They promise your name will appear next to listings, but you have to pay extra to be the only name listed. The details of each membership option are often hazy and confusing, so you end up paying for services you're not even sure you want or need. You are forced to follow a formula that every other agent on the website is also paying to follow, so you aren't actually getting ahead of the marketing game. You're simply one name among your competitors.

The strategy isn't personalized or ideal, and the client feedback is even worse. With no control over the message put out by the real estate websites that you pay to market your name, you have no control over the message attached to your personal brand. Many of these websites provide false or unreliable information and have received poor user ratings. Do you really want to advertise on a website that receives complaints for giving false estimates? Of course not! You are a professional agent who offers clients personalized information that applies to their specific needs. You aren't simply one among many and you're certainly not unreliable.

You need personalized products and services that empower you to take control over your own marketing strategy with comfort and ease. You want to efficiently make connections and grow your client list. You don't want a marketing package plan that everyone else is using. You have specific marketing needs and you don't want to pay extra for fluff that won't get results. That's why The Personal Marketing Company is the right choice.

We can help you choose from among our variety of marketing products that will expand your client list. We aren't going to force you into a marketing strategy that doesn't make sense for you. We help market you in a way that your clients will respond to, and we enable you to provide clients with meaningful material they'll look forward to receiving. You have the personality and sales ability. We have the tools to help you market your professional expertise.

Check out what we offer at tpmco.com or talk to one of our marketing experts at 800.458.8245. We look forward to connecting and helping you reach your sales goals.

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