Turn, turn, turn seasonal content into leads

The quantity and quality of the mailed, emailed, and socially shared content you provide to your clients and prospects matters. But, have you considered how the seasonality of that content can help you build relationships and establish a trustworthy reputation? Sharing season-appropriate content shows that you are paying attention to shifts and changes in the market. It also gives you the opportunity to create a conversation with your audience about things such as the weather, holidays and timely to-do lists. Providing seasonal content can help you stand out from the crowd as an engaging source and friend to potential prospects.

Here are three tips for curating your content on a seasonal basis.

Turn holidays into touchpoints.
It's easy to overlook the holidays when they seem unrelated to closing a sale and generating new leads. However, this personal touch helps your potential clients see that you are friendly and approachable. Send greeting cards for the holidays, mail handwritten birthday cards, or share unofficial holidays on social media such as Take Your Dog to Work Day. These are golden opportunities to relate to your clients as a caring individual, rather than a high-pressured sales person.

Turn seasonal to-do lists into friendly reminders.
Every homeowner should have a to-do list for around-the-house upkeep, but not every homeowner necessarily knows what he or she needs to make a priority each season. This is a great opportunity to share knowledge and establish yourself as an all-around home expert. Send reminders in the spring and fall for homeowners to clean out their gutters, share landscaping tips on social media, or offer recommendations for local businesses and service providers with whom you have a working relationship.

Turn real estate wisdom into seasonal reading.
The real estate market can undergo significant changes each season. As an agent, this is your chance to share your valuable knowledge with your client base and potential leads. Translate market research and trends into bite-sized advice for prospective clients via newsletters, social media, postcards, or other mailings. This will initiate a dialog between you and your prospects, helping turn cold and warm leads into hot ones.

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