What NOT to do when you meet a new client

You've made a new connection and you've set a meeting time. You are on track to land new clients and start their home buying or selling journey. Here's what NOT to do if you want to build a positive and lasting relationship.

Don't be inauthentic. Clients can tell when you are putting on a show. Take off the salesperson persona and focus on the person or people in front of you, rather than focusing on completing a transaction.

Don't dominate the conversation. Give a two to three minute explanation of who you are and how you help your clients, and then let them explain their needs in detail. Ask questions and allow the relationship to grow naturally, without showing any canned PowerPoint presentations.

Don't forget to do your research. If you have any information about your potential clients, dig a bit deeper. You may know that they are hoping to buy a larger home because their family size is increasing, so talk about neighborhoods in strong school districts. If your new clients were referred by their friends who bought or sold a house with you, discuss how their housing needs may or may not be similar. Come to the meeting mentally prepared to help the clients in any way you can, and they will see you as a helpful and authentic person they can refer to someone else to in the future.

Don't dive too deep. The first meeting shouldn't come with an overwhelming amount of information. Buying and selling a home is a complex process that can intimidate many people. Make it easier for your potential clients by breaking down the process into smaller steps that are easy to follow. You never want clients to leave a meeting feeling confused or stressed out.

Meet in comfort. Ask your clients to meet you at a new coffee spot or doughnut shop. As long as you choose a meeting place where you can comfortably sit and talk, you can venture out to new spaces. If you know the area where your clients would like to live, suggest a meeting place in that community.

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